Ever since my first painting party I've developed a passion for the "Paint & Sip" experience.  What an incredible feeling to stimulate the soul with good art and music.  In 2013 I traveled to Denver to visit my youngest daughter, Felicia.  She told me she had scheduled a fun experience for the two of us during my visit.  When I found out that it was a painting class, I was really nervous about going.  Felicia is an incredible artist, but she definitely didn't get that talent from her mother.  Much to my surprise, we had a really fun experience at "Canvas and Cocktails", and my painting turned out almost as good as hers.  

Fast forward to Reno two years, and many laboring hours later, with the help of my daughter Melanie, and son Josiah, Crafted Palette opened it's doors for business.  We had many long days of building tables made of pallets, developing food and cocktail recipes, and shopping for equipment and supplies to make the dream a reality.  But regardless or how challenging things became, it was an amazing adventure because I was surrounded by my family with insight and support.  We all wanted to develop a space in the heart of Downtown Reno that would provide excellent coffee, food, art and music.  I truly believe that we have accomplished every aspect of this dream. With Melanie's talent in the culinary arts, Felicia's experience in specialty coffee, and Josiah's skills and connections in music and art, Crafted Palette has become an amazing place to hang out and just feel comfortable.

I'll never forget the day that David and Chris, co-owners of Vertical Coffee Roasters sat down with me over a cup of coffee and talked about their dreams of launching their business in a "cooperative" space.  It seemed like a unique idea at the time, but at that very first meeting, their ideals seemed to completely align with mine, and I knew that I had to do everything within my ability to help bring this dream to fruition.  The cooperative space idea has been successful in some progressive markets, and I felt that Reno was ready for this concept.  From the very first meeting and through the launch of "Vertical Coffee Roaster, inside Crafted Palette" every road-block, every hurdle has quickly dissipated.  It's like it was meant to be, and we're enjoying every minute...and hope you will too.