Reno's local Talent

The Crafted Palette is only as artsy as our artists! We are so proud of the local people we bring in to teach our clasess. Each are so unique and have their own style to their craft. Here you can learn a bit more about the artists and there backround. We wish to create a culture and hub for local artists to show case their talent.

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Shannon Koyama

"Find Your Comfort Zone and Leave it”

My above mission statement might tell you a little bit about me. I love quotes and I feel this one is appropriate for my bio, I am a firm believer that it is important to learn and try new things throughout your life for personal growth. After all life, is a Journey so Live it and Love it!

As one of the artists at Crafted Palette my goal is to make art fun and non-intimidating to people that have never explored their inner artist and just make it an entertaining night out with friends and family to go home with something you are proud of.


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Karen Hayes

As an art instructor, I love to encourage students to step out and TRY.

Art is therapy. The learner has to  be vulnerable and open to possibilities that lay within.
I see creativity as a spiritual experience.  My training in theology (a seminary graduate) helped me to love and see the beauty in everyone, and the work  of the hands as a blessing waiting to blossom. My favorite subjects are trompe l’oeil (optical illusion), seascapes, and animals. I also like to combine food  and art (my kitchen is also an art studio!) and sometimes get lost in that “zone” – where I’m enjoying the process and time flies. If you’ve ever wanted to  paint, but don’t know how to go about getting started, let Crafted Palette be your “kitchen with a studio” where you can nurture skills in a delicious  environment.  But, most of all, come enjoy yourself and have some fun!


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David Hayes

I got my positive attitude from my parents, who said I could do ANYTHING.”  David studied theater and arts in college and instructs/coaches locally at Take2 Performer’s studio. His acting skills were put to use in his one-man show, where James Sullivan of the San Francisco Chronicle noted: “Like his idol, Hayes ‘did it all’ in his 90-minute tribute.”  He currently teaches drama and produces performances with the students at a local high school.

Emily Devine

Emily Devine is an artist and designer from Austin, Texas. She dabbles in woodworking, clock-making, sculpture, sewing, photography, ceramics, and all things artistic. Although she received a degree in graphic design from Texas State University, she loves to paint and she cites her mother, Linda D’Elia, as her greatest artistic influence. “Growing up, my mom encouraged me to try as many new things as possible, but the most important thing was to be different and unique.

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Jennifer Blonsley

Jennifer is a Vivacious Vegan with lots of positive vibes, she loves art and teaches the painting classes strictly for fun alone! Her art style is whimsical and she loves everyone to create their own version of her art!

The only thing you need to bring to the classes is yourself! Of course you can always bring a friend along too!

Holly Carson

Holly Carson started her creative endeavors as an early age, namely with magic markers and her left arm.  After many ruined outfits, and outburst by her parents she went on to a specialty arts high school in Little Rock, Arkansas and was classically trained as an oil painter, among many other techniques in the field of visual arts. Holly had her first gallery exhibition at age 23, also in Little Rock, Arkansas and went on to open her own art gallery in her late twenties in Lake Tahoe, CA.  Currently she is creating, teaching and pursuing a masters degree in facilitating arts expressive therapy at Sophia University and living in Reno, NV.  She enjoys abstract expressionism (gestural painting), psychedelic explorations, and esoteric illustrations.  Her main artistic influences are Frida Kahlo, Wassily Kadinsky, Alex Grey, Chuck Close and Jackson Pollack. 

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Katherine Dew

I consider myself the quintessential Jack of all trades, though the language of my soul is art. I dream in strokes of color. I explore my artist urges by night, learning new techniques that help me develop myself and those I teach. I want my students to embrace the creativity I know we all possess!

My work is all over the place, just like me. I enjoy challenging myself with new subject matter, but mostly I identify with an abstract and whimsical style. Abstract painting helps me to express emotions that words cannot. There is an entire universe of thought behind my paintings, and I actually enjoy that people can have their own personal reaction to my art that may differ from how I felt making it.
    If it says anything about me, I’ll reveal my two idols are Salvador Dali and Gene Wilder. Come paint with me and let go of normality!



Ms. Boomie is a spunky tattoo artist with an extensive background in fine art. She was entranced by art as far back as she can remember, and has continued her education to this very day.

When she isn’t creating on her human canvases, you can find her crafting in
her studio, or out in nature finding her next bit of inspiration. She is fascinated with organic and energetic subject matter, from plants to animals, nebula's to crystals; this is what you might find as the inspiration of her paintings.

“Art is my entire life, how I’ve supported myself through the years. It is all I
have to offer in this lifetime and when I am gone, it will be all that you remember me by. I am ready to share what I have learned, and hopefully to inspire along the way.”


Rhiannon has been a lover of art for as long as she can remember. A historian as well as an artist, she has MA Medieval History and has studied the painting methods of the Old Masters at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, Austria.


A curious world traveler, vegan and lover of nature, she has lived in England, Chicago, Tennessee, Vienna and now Reno, Nevada.


She finds such beauty and inspiration in artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, William Blake and Alex Grey.